Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Journey with Sensa Day 5

Hi guys, Today I wake up around 11am as usual I skipped breakfast and actually lunch too. I had to go to the bank to send my mom money to the Philippines. I did mention that I supposed to jog or walk in a treadmill this morning but didn't happen instead I decided to clean and wash my car and also did some laundry today.Around 3pm I told my brother to bring some food when he gets home, so he did and brought some tacos and taquitos from Taco Bell, I ate 4pcs of beef taquitos and 1 taco shell I think I ate at least close to 800 calories and of course I never forget to sprinkle Sensa, and I just drink lots of water.

Around 7:30pm I decided to go shop some dresses for my upcoming cousin's wedding this coming October 9th I spent walking around and trying some dresses for an hour. And just went back home, I decided to walk outside and get the mail about 200-400ft from our apartment to the mailbox and back, I am not sure how much the distance really but its always a good walk outside. Then around 9pm I decided to bake some cookies I ate 2pcs of them and sprinkle some Sensa and drink water. I think the 2pcs of cookies about 200calories, So overall I ate 1000 calories today which is not bad. Anyway, That's it for today and until tomorrow again.  Just don't forget to Sprinkle your Sensa over your food before you eat. God Bless always!

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