Friday, September 30, 2011

Week 1 with Sensa Results!

Hi guys! This morning I was so excited to weigh in after 1 week trying out with Sensa I lose 4.8lbs from starting weigh in at 210lbs. So current weight right now is 205.2lbs awesome! Despite that I am not very knowledgeable about the food I ate and all of its Nurtitional facts but just following 1,200 calories a day I think helps and avoid soda and replaced it with just water or green tea. 

Tomorrow is another day and I will start my Week 2. Starting weight is 205.2lbs at least I am hoping to lose another 4-6lbs I will avoid carbs and eat some yogurt or salad. Anyway, Thanks again Sensa! I may have only used this weight loss system in one week but I definitely see results! and I can't wait to lose more! =) Good Luck to you too especially to those who just started the same time I did. God Bless You all!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Journey with Sensa Day 6

Hi guys, Yesterday I forgot to post what I ate. I pretty much not craving or hungry all the time. I skipped breakfast again, but I did ate some bread with some scrambled eggs for lunch and I think that's probably at least 400 calories, I also cooked some chicken fried rice for dinner and serve a bowl for myself I believed that's about 600 calories, I ate some crackers about 200 calories and drink a lots of water. So overall I ate 1200 calories of course I didn't forget to sprinkle Sensa.

Today, I woke up around 9am which is not very usual to me. I prepared myself just a piece of toasted bread and just water. As I get ready for work Dad gave me a spicy chicken sandwich form Carl's Jr. So I ate it for my 15minutes break at 4pm. For dinner I ate the left over chicken fried rice. overall I believed I ate about 1200 calories of course I always sprinkle Sensa in everything I ate. So far my week 1 is great!

Tomorrow is Weigh In again to check how much weight I lose for Week 1. Im excited! I will be eating more greens and cut down my carbs as well, I also started to drink some green tea which is not too bad. So Hopefully I am aiming that I will lose 4-6lbs at least for week 1. Again, Thank you Sensa! can't wait to finish my Month 1 and start to Month 2. How about you? How is your progress? Anyway, Thanks for reading my blog and until tomorrow again. God Bless you all!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Great Tips From Coach Miriam

Hi guys, just thought to share these great tips from Coach Miriam from our community forums so that It will also reminds me about it, since I check my blog daily I want to read this over and over again so I will get used to it. I know I had been skipping my breakfast but I will really try to wake up early so Sensa will see more great results! Thank you Coach Miriam for great tips! =)

Tips on using SENSA:
  1. Sprinkle everything you eat except liquids. 
  2. Eat until you START to feel full and STOP. 
  3. Eat 3 small meals and 3 healthy treats a day. 
  4. Drink plenty of water (64 fluid oz daily).

3 to 6 meals a day:
It is important for you to eat 3 small meals and 3 healthy treats or 6 small meals a day. There are several benefits for you in doing this.
  1. Your metabolism slows down during the night and by eating breakfast you gives yourself a kick-start and gets your engine (metabolism) running again.
  2.  Eating more sensible meals more often will prevent you from feeling hungry throughout the day.
  3.  Eating foods that contain fiber and protein will help you feel fuller for long periods of time and keeps us from snacking so often.
  4. Also drinking at least 64 ounces of water will also help you with washing out the toxins and fats from your system and keep your body from experiencing dehydration. In fact many times we think we are hungry when our body is really thirsty.
  5. Try to eat no later than 3 hours before you go to bed as this helps you digest your food properly.

Hope these great tips from Coach Miriam will also encourage you to follow to help you see best results using Sensa weight loss products. Good Luck to you too! and God Bless to you all! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Journey with Sensa Day 5

Hi guys, Today I wake up around 11am as usual I skipped breakfast and actually lunch too. I had to go to the bank to send my mom money to the Philippines. I did mention that I supposed to jog or walk in a treadmill this morning but didn't happen instead I decided to clean and wash my car and also did some laundry today.Around 3pm I told my brother to bring some food when he gets home, so he did and brought some tacos and taquitos from Taco Bell, I ate 4pcs of beef taquitos and 1 taco shell I think I ate at least close to 800 calories and of course I never forget to sprinkle Sensa, and I just drink lots of water.

Around 7:30pm I decided to go shop some dresses for my upcoming cousin's wedding this coming October 9th I spent walking around and trying some dresses for an hour. And just went back home, I decided to walk outside and get the mail about 200-400ft from our apartment to the mailbox and back, I am not sure how much the distance really but its always a good walk outside. Then around 9pm I decided to bake some cookies I ate 2pcs of them and sprinkle some Sensa and drink water. I think the 2pcs of cookies about 200calories, So overall I ate 1000 calories today which is not bad. Anyway, That's it for today and until tomorrow again.  Just don't forget to Sprinkle your Sensa over your food before you eat. God Bless always!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Journey with Sensa Day 4

Hi guys, Today I wake up early and eat 2 pc of toasted wheat bread and just water for breakfast I would say thats about 100 calories, I was still tired so I went back to sleep for couple of hours woke up around noon I know what you guys thinking I should have stayed awake and do some exercise but just got so tired working 4days straight from work. Anyway, As I get ready for work and had a 15minutes break at 4pm I ate some chicken nuggets and 2 pc of bread I would say I ate about 300calories, and for dinner I ate the rest of the chicken nuggets about 3pcs and my co worker brought some chinese food and I ate some fried rice and some lemon chicken and some delicious fruits with all that I ate every meal I just drink water and of course I will never forget to sprinkle Sensa so total calories I ate for dinner was about 700 calories and overall is about 1100 calories.

Anyway, tomorrow I am off until Wednesday this week so I will try to walk and exercise burn some more calories at my aunt's place. and after week 1 is done and as I start week 2 I will start eating more fruits, salad and some yogurt would be great too I am happy that I don't drink soda anymore I know at times it's so tempting especially this hot weather but I just drink water and lots of water. but I will look into more great diet plan and food to eat. Thanks for reading my blog I know this is quiet a short post, but until tomorrow again. God Bless you all!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Journey with Sensa Day 3

Hi guys, As usual I skip my breakfast because I always get tired and can't wake up early but I did woke up around 11:00am prepared some lunch with my Dad, I ate scoop of rice, and some pork so I probably ate lunch about 500calories, as I went to work at 2:30pm and went to break for 15minutes at 4pm I only drink about 40oz of water. And for dinner around 7pm I went and ate some spaghetti with some left over from lunch about 600 calories, So overall I ate about 1100 calories today and of course I never forget to sprinkle Sensa.

I know I just started using Sensa 3 days ago but believed it or not as I was so excited this morning I couldn't resist but weigh myself in from 210 lbs starting weight I am now 208.6lbs how fast is that for only 3days ago. I can't wait how much I will lose next Friday to end my Week 1. Tue and Wed is my off from work and I decided to go exercise and walk using my aunt's treadmill maybe I can burn some more calories then. I am loving Sensa and I think it's working great for me. Initial use of Sensa I was a little dizzy but I think it's just normal because It's new to our body because of the "Tastants" but so far I can't even taste Sensa in my food.

I do get full pretty fast, Dad was actually teasing me that when I weigh myself this morning that maybe the weigh machine is lying but so far I lost about 2lbs. I know I should go out and walk or jog or go to the gym more often that I need to, but working my job alone is a workout routine for me because the type of job has lifting, walking, bending and more and I am actually sweating too so it does help. Anyway, that's it for today until tomorrow again for another journey. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog, God Bless you all!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Journey with Sensa Day 2

Hi guys, I just got home from work and a friend's birthday party. Anyway, Today I skipped breakfast again! I know I just got so used of not eating breakfast at all I really don't know why. I probably need to set 3 clock alarm to wake me up! my sleeping routine is a bit messed up that is also because I was so used of working a graveyard shift and since then my sleeping routine is not on schedule, that I really need to fix and try my best to get my alarm working.

Anyway, I went to work at 2:30pm, had a 15minute break time at 4pm which I only drink 20z of bottle water, didn't eat anything. at 7:30pm I did ate a scoop of rice and some pork. I had been thinking about cutting down my rice intake and so as meat, I will try to eat some fruits, and a different type of protein. Total calories I ate so far just during dinner was 600 I believed. After work I had to go to a friend's birthday party so I ate 2pc of bread and some spaghetti I would say I ate about 600 calories of course I didn't forget to sprinkle Sensa, so Overall calories I ate today was 1,200. 

So far so good, I really like Sensa I can't wait to weigh myself next Friday, I will make sure to take a photo of the weigh machine with the numbers for proof. Anyway, Thanks guys for reading my journey and until tomorrow, I have 2 more days to work, I will be off Tue and Wed I am thinking of going to exercise like walk  or jog using the treadmill. God Bless you all! 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Journey with Sensa Day 1

Hi guys, Today I skipped breakfast, as a habit I always tend to skip my first meal of the day but I will try to eat  breakfast next day if that makes a difference, is it or not?. Instead I ate some chicken katsu and half scoop of rice for lunch, Immediately having a very positive attitude and so excited to sprinkle Sensa on my food I can tell that its already working just by smelling it .I weigh myself in for week 1 today and it's 210lbs and next week Friday I will weigh in again to check if there is any difference. 

Since I am also sharing what food I ate here, might as well share how much calories I am eating per day. There is a general rule of thumb that ladies should only eat 1,200 calories a day and Men don't go below 1800 calories per day. "Your body burns up most of its daily calories just by keeping your body alive even while you’re asleep! It needs fuel (calories) to do this." Personally, I can’t go below 1200 calories a day; I just get too hungry and start feeling weak.

A calorie counter with some nutritional facts really helps and estimate how much calories you ate per day. take note though that it is only an estimation and not accurate numbers are presented. So since I ate some chicken katsu and half scoop of rice for lunch that is estimated 500 calories just don't forget to sprinkle Sensa, also remember that Sensa only works in foods not in any type of liquids (soups, sodas, juice).

For dinner i ate 1 cup of pork fried rice for 330 calories and some chow mein for 271 calories so total was about 600 calories. so far I ate a 1100 calories overall which was not too bad. I am excited to know the results next Friday are you excited to find out too? share your stories with me as well, Thanks for reading my post today! God Bless you all! =)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sensa Package Received

Hi guys, Today I just got my Sensa Kit from the mail which includes first and second month of the Sensa sprinkle, Dvd, and a guide of How to use the product. I am excited to share to you my six month weight lost journey. I decided to create a blog so I can also keep track of my progress. and also share this experience to those who also have the same interest about this product. If Sensa works for me effectively and as I continue the program I will definitely recommend it to anyone who likes to loss weight. 

So I will start my diet tomorrow, and sprinkle the product for my breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. I hope that this product will work for me, I tried so many diet system in the past and did not work for me that includes exercise as well. Anyway, please share with me your thoughts and experience of this journey so we can achieve our goals to loss weight and live a healthy life. Thank you for visiting my blog and God Bless you all! =)