About Me

Hi guys! My name is Christine Lazaga, I am 29yrs old 5'5" tall. I am a full-time Resident Care Specialist in one of the best Nursing Homes here in Sacramento, CA. besides my daily job I love to dance and sing, but that changes everything until I start gaining weight when I was in my 3rd year of college in the Philippines. Since Elementary and High school days I never had problems with my weight. I was gymnast for 2yrs during my childhood years. I am very active former member of our Dance Troupe during  High school and continue doing that for 11yrs.  I also love to play volleyball and just pretty much strolling with friends and family because back home we are used of walking and we are not very dependent of driving a car, we have public transportation if we also want to go far but most of the day we walk to go to church, school or malls.

Since I stop dancing, I start to gain weight then, I also went to gym with my best friend and tried everything we could to lose weight but wasn't successful at all. I used to only weight 120lbs average until I was 21yrs old. but now I am 210lbs at the age of 29 and that is obesity if you look at my Body Mass Index (BMI level) of 34.9. I really want to go back to how I look before and start losing weight. I will try my best that Sensa will work and change that for me.

I thank my family and friends who motivate me and encourage me that it's never too late to lose weight. I will start watching what I eat now, and especially that I am starting to use Sensa this is a life change for me and will continue to lose weight to reach my goal. Thank you guys for visiting my blog and I promise to keep track of my Sensa Journey to you guys and hopefully my chronicles will motivate and encourage you that is never too late to lose weight. so Good Luck to you too! =)