Here are some Frequently asked questions to help you understand more about Sensa Weight Loss System. I how to use, when and what. Thank You to Coach Miriam for great tips too and to all Sensa Team. God Bless you All!

How much should you sprinkle?
Sprinkle SENSA evenly on the entire surface of your food. The amount of Tastants depends on how large your meal is, so just use your best judgment and don't over think it.

Foods to use sweet and salty on:
Sweet sides: donuts, oatmeal, pancakes, fruit, yogurt, ice cream, Cake, Cookies
Salty sides: hamburger, salad, pizza, pasta, eggs, bacon, tacos, vegetables, chips/pretzels, poultry

Remembering to Sprinkle:
It takes time to develop a new habit and in fact the experts say it takes 21 days to establish a new habit. So to get the habit going you could put a rubber band around your wrist and snap it each time you forget to use your SENSA. The pain itself gives you a need to remember to be consistent. Put a sticky note on your lunch. On the next plate or silverware you will use. Make sure you put one a sticky note on the stirring wheel of the car reminding you to bring it with you. Put your SENSA in your purse or in your pocket. Set the container on the table where you will eat your meal. Set a container by your work area and remember consistency guarantees success.

The tastants are interchangeable:
The SENSA tastants are interchangeable, which, means you can use them on salty or sweet foods. If you like open both sides and sprinkle at once. The idea of using them both is important as you will get your full months worth and receive a good return.

How do you use SENSA in soup or smoothies?
You do not need to use SENSA in soup or smoothies, only solid or semi-solid foods. You can use SENSA on cereals, chili or a hearty soup that has meat, vegetables or noodles.

How to sprinkle on semi-solids:
For Semi-solids like, jello, yogurt, oatmeal, ice cream, pudding, oatmeal and things like this, sprinkle layer by layer. Soup, drain juice and drink it in a cup or keep low to the bottom and sprinkle the solid part. For cereal which is not semi-solid but still you have to use milk, put a very small amount of liquid in the bottom, roll your cereal around in the "little bit" of milk and sprinkle your cereal. You might drink the remaining milk you normally use in a cup. If you sprinkle in liquids the tastants fall to the bottom and become ineffective.

How to sprinkle on solid foods:
When sprinkling your sandwich if the bread does not hold the tastants, moisten the top slightly and sprinkle. I sprits a little spray butter on top before sprinkling or sprits with the spray salad dressing as it adds even more flavor. You can also turn your sandwich on its side and before you take a bite sprinkle each time. Also for things like grapes, and other fruit or vegetables food slightly dampen your plate and roll your food (like grapes, etc.) to moisten and sprinkle.

Things not to do with your tastants:
Never mix the tastants in any of your food. It is necessary for the scent of the tastants is be picked up by the receptors in your nose and mouth. The scents form the tastants sends signals to your olfactory bulb and this stimulates and triggers the satiety center in your brain and releases hormones which suppress the appetite. This is done by sending a message to your stomach to trick it into thinking it is full. Tastants must be sprinkled on top of food. Do not sprinkle it into liquids as it falls to the bottom and becomes ineffective. Never sprinkle and put in the microwave or oven. Always sprinkle and eat. Never sprinkle food and eat later.

Changing Tastants each month:
Dr. Alan Hirsch designed the two containers to last you a month and each container is half full. The reason they are half full was to split up your month’s worth so you could leave one container at home and carry the other with you. Take your container to a dark room and hold a flashlight up behind it. Mark the top of the tastants and again half way down. That will mark your two weeks’ worth in each container. Write on the top when you start your container. 

Dr. Hirsch has specifically developed new and different Tastants for each month to ensure that you continue losing weight. We change each month so our body does not become accustomed to the tastants from the previous month. As you start new tastants the receptors in your nose picks up on the enhanced scent of the food and triggers the hormone in the satiety center of our brain and sends a message to our stomach and tricks it into thinking it is full. Remember to change your tastants each month for a good return.