Sunday, September 25, 2011

Journey with Sensa Day 3

Hi guys, As usual I skip my breakfast because I always get tired and can't wake up early but I did woke up around 11:00am prepared some lunch with my Dad, I ate scoop of rice, and some pork so I probably ate lunch about 500calories, as I went to work at 2:30pm and went to break for 15minutes at 4pm I only drink about 40oz of water. And for dinner around 7pm I went and ate some spaghetti with some left over from lunch about 600 calories, So overall I ate about 1100 calories today and of course I never forget to sprinkle Sensa.

I know I just started using Sensa 3 days ago but believed it or not as I was so excited this morning I couldn't resist but weigh myself in from 210 lbs starting weight I am now 208.6lbs how fast is that for only 3days ago. I can't wait how much I will lose next Friday to end my Week 1. Tue and Wed is my off from work and I decided to go exercise and walk using my aunt's treadmill maybe I can burn some more calories then. I am loving Sensa and I think it's working great for me. Initial use of Sensa I was a little dizzy but I think it's just normal because It's new to our body because of the "Tastants" but so far I can't even taste Sensa in my food.

I do get full pretty fast, Dad was actually teasing me that when I weigh myself this morning that maybe the weigh machine is lying but so far I lost about 2lbs. I know I should go out and walk or jog or go to the gym more often that I need to, but working my job alone is a workout routine for me because the type of job has lifting, walking, bending and more and I am actually sweating too so it does help. Anyway, that's it for today until tomorrow again for another journey. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog, God Bless you all!

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