Saturday, September 24, 2011

Journey with Sensa Day 2

Hi guys, I just got home from work and a friend's birthday party. Anyway, Today I skipped breakfast again! I know I just got so used of not eating breakfast at all I really don't know why. I probably need to set 3 clock alarm to wake me up! my sleeping routine is a bit messed up that is also because I was so used of working a graveyard shift and since then my sleeping routine is not on schedule, that I really need to fix and try my best to get my alarm working.

Anyway, I went to work at 2:30pm, had a 15minute break time at 4pm which I only drink 20z of bottle water, didn't eat anything. at 7:30pm I did ate a scoop of rice and some pork. I had been thinking about cutting down my rice intake and so as meat, I will try to eat some fruits, and a different type of protein. Total calories I ate so far just during dinner was 600 I believed. After work I had to go to a friend's birthday party so I ate 2pc of bread and some spaghetti I would say I ate about 600 calories of course I didn't forget to sprinkle Sensa, so Overall calories I ate today was 1,200. 

So far so good, I really like Sensa I can't wait to weigh myself next Friday, I will make sure to take a photo of the weigh machine with the numbers for proof. Anyway, Thanks guys for reading my journey and until tomorrow, I have 2 more days to work, I will be off Tue and Wed I am thinking of going to exercise like walk  or jog using the treadmill. God Bless you all! 

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