Friday, September 23, 2011

Journey with Sensa Day 1

Hi guys, Today I skipped breakfast, as a habit I always tend to skip my first meal of the day but I will try to eat  breakfast next day if that makes a difference, is it or not?. Instead I ate some chicken katsu and half scoop of rice for lunch, Immediately having a very positive attitude and so excited to sprinkle Sensa on my food I can tell that its already working just by smelling it .I weigh myself in for week 1 today and it's 210lbs and next week Friday I will weigh in again to check if there is any difference. 

Since I am also sharing what food I ate here, might as well share how much calories I am eating per day. There is a general rule of thumb that ladies should only eat 1,200 calories a day and Men don't go below 1800 calories per day. "Your body burns up most of its daily calories just by keeping your body alive even while you’re asleep! It needs fuel (calories) to do this." Personally, I can’t go below 1200 calories a day; I just get too hungry and start feeling weak.

A calorie counter with some nutritional facts really helps and estimate how much calories you ate per day. take note though that it is only an estimation and not accurate numbers are presented. So since I ate some chicken katsu and half scoop of rice for lunch that is estimated 500 calories just don't forget to sprinkle Sensa, also remember that Sensa only works in foods not in any type of liquids (soups, sodas, juice).

For dinner i ate 1 cup of pork fried rice for 330 calories and some chow mein for 271 calories so total was about 600 calories. so far I ate a 1100 calories overall which was not too bad. I am excited to know the results next Friday are you excited to find out too? share your stories with me as well, Thanks for reading my post today! God Bless you all! =)

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