Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 2 with Sensa Results!

Hi guys, I was excited to weigh in for my week 2 results this morning and I jump right into my weigh scale and I lost 2.8lbs and currently 202.4lbs now. I am happy with the results getting closer to be under 200lbs. This week was a challenge for me I need to lose more weight before my boyfriend arrives from Iowa and to attend my cousin's wedding this Sunday in San Francisco and fit in my dress, I know that Sensa really helps me lose weight I know I am now starting my Week 3 but my first Sensa Sprinkle is not done yet, I still have the other Month 1 unopened . Does that mean I can use this after Month 6 is done since we are going to start back at the cycle to Month 1? these are just questions I like to know, Anyway.. It will be a busy week for me after today so I will catch up on you when I am will post my Week 3 results! Thanks guys!

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