Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Journey with Sensa Day 11

Hi guys, Today I ate some apples again, I loved the apples I picked from my friends backyard it's so sweet and crunchy. I also ate some rice today with some chicken (I love chicken either I want it baked, grilled or fried). I always just limit and estimate how much calories I ate per day, not over or under 1,200 calories and that helps my diet. I know I can't wait to weigh in again this Friday for my Week 2. Just never forget to sprinkle Sensa in my food and I am good to go! I know you may notice that I don't eat breakfast but I sometimes just do a brunch still works for me. I just drink lots of water too as one of the Sensa coaches told us that 64oz of water at least per day is good. So until tomorrow again guys! I am just glad that Sensa works so fast and I lose weight using this for 1 week and 3days now. I am so happy with it, I hope you too! God Bless and Take care always!

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