Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Took a Break, But I am Back!

Hi Guys, Happy 2013! How's everything? and How was your weight loss challenge so far? I apologized I wasn't able to update anything here  for the whole year due to busy schedule, from moving to one place to another. and I stopped using Sensa after a month and half all at once. But don't be sad I am considering to go back and get fit again. I actually bought the 6 month program so I don't have to worry about buying it every month. I am thinking to go back using it this coming February. Anyway, Just thought I drop by and letting you know that my journey will continue with Sensa. Have a good one everyone! and Stay Healthy!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 4 with Sensa Results!

Hi guys, Month 1 of Sensa is over for me! excited to start Month 2 today, My week 4 was fine and did lose 3.5 lbs in 1 week. so far the total Month lose for Month 1 is 10lbs yes it's amazing. I didn't even have to go to the gym to exercise regularly and still I lose 10lbs, the average Month Lose with Sensa is 5lbs but I did it times two. I am proud to say that Sensa helps me with my journey. Eating right is one of the key things I learned from Month 1, that includes avoiding soda and just drink 64oz f water/day, limit my calories 1,200/day not over and not under. Also never forget to sprinkle Sensa over whatever you eat during your meals.  

This coming week and starting Week 1 for Month 2 I will include going to the gym at least 3 times a day, do some Zumba classes which is super fun. Anyway, Thanks for following me during my Month 1 journey and still looking forward for more upcoming Months to come with Sensa. Have a great day everyone and God Bless always!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 3 with Sensa Results!

Hi guys, First and Foremost I apologized for not keeping you up to date because I was so busy last weekend with family, I attended my cousin's wedding last Sunday Oct.9, very happy couple and finally tied the knot. I am so happy for them. besides attending a family event last weekend My boyfriend came to visit me here in Sacramento too, of course I had to treat him with family to eat out and Oh boy! Buffet is Bad! This weekend alone makes me sick to my stomach eating a lot! lolx I did sprinkle Sensa on my food..Honestly though people are like staring at me what the hell I am doing sprinkling something over my food. I am kinda embarass but what the hell it is for my own good! I know I didn't post what I ate and how much calories I ate until today but I know I probably gained weight.

So I weigh in this morning checking how much I gained and yes as I suspected I did gained back at least a pound not too bad but I need to be careful and still check how much calories and what food I am eating. I know I am disappointed with myself because of that but now I learned something I just don't rely with Sensa but my own will and effort to do something and know what food I ate and limit that. I know diet results is not always losing sometimes you gained and then lose back again, so it is a challenge for me, but I know I will still continue to use Sensa and I am excited to start my Month 2 soon.

Anyway, My weight during Week 2 was 202.4lbs. Now I am currently 203.5lbs so I gained 1.1lbs. it's okay I know I will still lose more before the end of my Month 1. How about you guys? How's Sensa working with you? Thanks for reading my post today I will catch up and post my Week 4 results next fri. Thanks guys! until next time. God Bless you all!